Lab 9.4.2 Presenting the Project Proposal

Task 1: Prepare for the Presentation

Step 1: Review the content
a. Ensure that your presentation is complete.
b. Review the content to ensure that there are no technical errors.
c. Rehearse the presentation to become familiar with the flow of the content and develop a sense of the timing required.

Step 2: Prepare for questions
Your presentation may seem complete and clear to you, but to others there may be points that need clarifying or that contain too much information.
Read through your presentation as if seeing it for the first time, Note the points that you would ask questions about. Remind yourself that you will not be able to prepare for every possible question.

Step 3: Prepare yourself
Your instructor will advise you on the details (time. location, audience) of the presentation class. On the day of the presentation, try to observe the following guidelines:
a. If possible, and appropriate, wear professional attire.
b. Try not to be too nervous. The other students in your class are probably feeling the same as you are.
c. If other students are presenting before or after you, give them your attention and participate in the class. Do not think too much about your presentation but focus instead on what is happening in the class.

Task 2: Deliver the Presentation

Step 1: Submit your portfolio and proposal
a. Submit your portfolio and proposal to your instructor before delivering the presentation.

Step 2: Begin the presentation
a. Introduce yourself.
b. Deliver the presentation, using your portfolio and a slide presentation such as PowerPoint.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Stay with your slide sequence. A common mistake is to introduce material and then continue to talk about it in detail without advancing from the general overview slide for that topic to the detailed slides that follow.
c. Demonstrate that you know the content of the proposal and sell it as the one that the customer should adopt.
d. Be prepared to respond to questions from the instructors and students.

Step 3: Conclude the presentation
a. Invite any final questions from the audience.
b. Finish your presentation by assuring the audience that your proposal meets their requirements and thank them for the opportunity to present it.

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