Lab 9.3.4 Creating the Bill Of Material

Step 1: List the items required
a. Use the table below, or create a similar one, to list all the items and equipment that need to be purchased for the FilmCompany network upgrade project.
b. Search the Internet or use information provided by your instructor to add possible suppliers or vendors to the BOM table.
c. Add costs to the BOM. Where possible, obtain costs from local vendors and suppliers. If this information is not readily available, your instructor will provide estimated costs for you to use.

Step 2: Determine the software requirements
a. During the early stages of the network Design Phase, existing applications were identified. Add new applications required by the network upgrade to the BOM. Categorize these as either Network or Specialist applications.
b. Add the new applications, installation costs, and required training to the BOM with the identified hardware. Also indicate whether the network upgrade requires additional licenses to be purchased for existing software applications.

Step 3: Add maintenance contracts
a. Investigate the maintenance support service contracts available for both the new and existing equipment.
b. Add the details and costs to the BOM.

Step 4: Create the BOM
a. Create the BOM using word processing or spreadsheet software. Using a spreadsheet will facilitate the calculation of total costs and enable easy updating of the document if costs or quantities are amended.
b. Save this file and include it in the proposal document. Add a hardcopy of the file to your portfolio.

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