Lab 2.3.3 Prioritizing Business Goals

Step 1: Determine the business goals
a. Use word processing software to create a business goals document.
b. From the sample interview in the FilmCompany case study document, identify and list the business goals that the network upgrade is expected to provide.
These goals can be Financial, such as:
• Profitability – Can the project reduce costs or help the business avoid costs in the future?
• Business growth and market share – Can the project help the business grow more efficiently or create competitive advantages?
Or the goals may be Strategic:
• Customer satisfaction – Can the project improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty?
• Reputation and industry standing – Will the project develop specific core technology competencies in the organization?
c. Identify and list at least four business goals from the case study interview.
Profitabilitas, pertumbuhan usaha, kepuasan pelanggan, dll
d. Discuss these goals with another student, or in a group, to clarify understanding of the goals.

Step 2: Prioritize the business goals
a. Rank the list of business goals in order of priority. Base this ranking on the information in the case study document and discussion with other students.
b. List the ranked business goals in a table and assign a priority value as a percentage. The total of the percentage values must equal 100.
c. Discuss your priority values with other students. If there are differences in priorities, discuss why this has occurred and attempt to resolve them. 
d. Save your Project Prioritized Business Goals Checklist document and retain it for the next stages of this network design case study.

Step 3: Reflection
Having prioritized the business goals as the stated objectives of a network upgrade project does not necessarily ensure that the project will be a success. These objectives need to be measured against success criteria to determine whether the business goals were achieved. Before a project can be declared a success, the objectives must be shown to have met the success criteria statements. Consider and discuss possible success criteria based on the business goals for the FilmCompany network upgrade.
  • Mencapai kepuasan pelanggan dengan ukuran setidaknya empat pada skala lima dalam waktu empat bulan setelah upgrade.
  • Meningkatkan volume media data sebesar 80% dengan 2 bulan penyelesaian upgrade.
  • Mencapai arus kas positif dari kontrak stadion dalam waktu 12 bulan.
  • Meningkatkan perputaran keuangan sebesar 75% dalam waktu 18 bulan.
  • Menanggapi 90% dari permintaan pelanggan media non-hidup produksi dalam waktu 12 jam dan 100% dalam waktu 18 jam.
  • Mengurangi biaya produksi unit dengan 15% selama 6 bulan dan 20% selama 12 bulan.
  • Temui pelanggan tinggal media target produksi 97,5% dari waktu.
  • Total biaya proyek tidak melebihi 105% dari anggaran awal.
  • Jadwal pengiriman aktual dalam 105% dari batas waktu awal.
  • Pengujian Load sukses dengan skala-sampai 10 pemakai bersamaan, dengan tingkat throughput data tanpa kurang dari 85% dari spesifikasi.
  • Setidaknya 75% dari komponen jaringan yang ada digunakan kembali

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