Lab 8.2.2 Creating a WAN Connectivity Test Plan

Task 1: Review the Supporting Documentation

Step 1: Refer to the WAN Design Test Plan document provided for this lab
Download the WAN Design Test Plan. What is the purpose of this WAN design test? Which elements
of the design will be tested using this plan?
The purpose of this prototype is to demonstrate the use of Frame Relay WAN links to connect a remote site router to a central site router through a router that simulates a Frame Relay switch. Backup Ethernet links from the remote site and central site to a 4th router simulate a VPN backup capability and provide an alternate path in the event that one of the Frame Relay WAN links goes down.
a. Document the purpose of the test in the Introduction section of the WAN Design Test Plan.
b.Review the tests that will be run to validate the prototype.

Step 2: Review the equipment needed to perform the tests
Review the list of all equipment needed to build the prototype and to perform the tests. Be sure to include
cables, optional connectors or components, and software. If the recommended equipment is not available in your lab, discuss possible substitutes with your instructor and classmates, based on interface requirements of the topology.
a. If substitute equipment must be used, list the devices here:
b. Determine the amount of each type of cabling necessary to create the prototype test topology. Record the information on the Equipment chart in the WAN Design Test Plan.
c. Document any special configuration or cabling issues that might arise if substitute equipment is used.

Task 2: Document information regarding Test 1

Task 3: Document information regarding Test 2

Task 4: Reflection / Challenge
Why is Frame Relay a good choice as a primary WAN technology?
Ini adalah teknologi yang fleksibel yang banyak didukung oleh peralatan vendor. Layanan ini biasanya tersedia dari sebagian besar penyedia layanan Telecom (TSPS). Memberikan kestabilan data digital link dengan berbagai CIRs tergantung pada kebutuhan pelanggan. Mendukung berbagai topologi. SLA biasanya available.

When is it most important to have a backup link? How does a backup link compare to a redundant link?
Link Backup diperlukan ketika hilangnya link primer yang akan menyebabkan hilangnya akses ke sumber daya kritis. Ini adalah biaya / resiko keputusan yang dibuat oleh sebuah organisasi.

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